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Football picks Ceferin and Agnelli are planning a third European club tournament

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UEFA`s presidents and the Association of Professional Football Clubs in Europe, Aleksander Ceferin and Andrea Agnelli, have definitely denied talks about the creation of the so-called `SuperLeague`. The two leaders are convinced that such an idea will never be implemented and defined as `a fiction`, writes BGNS, whose speeches come about the series of documents that emerged from Der Spiegel after an investigation into the Football Leaks platform. Europe is in advanced negotiations to create a superpower that is not under the jurisdiction of UEFA, which is headed by Bayern Munich (Karlsruhe) President Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the German Grand Prix, rumored by Rummenigge, to dismiss the charges, and the German even Aimee legal action against the newspaper.

`We have some ideas. Creating the Super League is a matter that has not been discussed at all. It will never happen. It`s a fiction or something like a dream.`, said Ceferin. `I can confirm that we have never seen these papers. There is no talk of such a topic and no one on our side is involved in their creation. We are linked to UEFA by the Association of Professional Clubs in UEFA and we will work together for a better future of the game!`, said Agnelli, who owns Juventus as well. `At the next UEFA meeting in early DecemberDublin (Ireland) is expected to announce the establishment of a third European club analyzed by football-capper tournament, which will include a group stage of 32 teams, and plans to make various changes to European football after 2024.`

`It is our duty to protect the richa legacy of European football, but in today`s global world, we must also take care of the protection of the markets and their expansion. We have to think about Poland, Turkey, Russia. Fans can be sure that if we`re trying to make a new product, it`s because we want to make sure it affects all football fans in Europe.`, Andrea Agnelli added.

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 Game: Nomme Utd - Kalju 
 Kick-off: 19 07 2024, 18:30 
 Prediction: Kalju -1 
 Result: 0:4 
 Status: WON 

 Game  : Galway - Longford 
 Kick-off: 19 07 2024, 20:45 
 Game has started 

 Game: Hvidovre IF - Koge 
 Kick-off: 19 07 2024, 19:00 
 Prediction: Hvidovre IF -1.5 
 Result: 1:0 
 Status: Lost 

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