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Football prediction Sarri: We lost because we were looking for victory at all costs!

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The Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri had an interesting explanation for the 1:2 loss to Udinese away to Dacia Arena in the 35th round of Serie A. The Bianconeri could have secured the Scudetto tonight if they had taken the three points. The coach believes that it is the excessive ambition to seek victory at any cost that played a bad joke on his team.

`This happens often lately. We lose the organization in our game. We played a good first half, but after we got the equalizer, we rushed to look for the victory at any cost, which led to disorganization and problems in our game. Our desire to win, led to the opponent`s goal in the 93rd minute!', Sarri thinks.

`It`s hard for me to find the right balance right now because everyone on the team is pretty tired. That`s why we`re not aggressive enough, but I think the organization is more important than aggression right now. It seems to be more about mentality. We lost our composure after the equalizer. The matches are so many sides in front of empty stands. The momentum is changing so fast. We have to learn the lessons after these matches analyzed by record of football predictions and get back in shape!', added the specialist.

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