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Sevilla wins on the way to the playoffs

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Sevilla is winning league titles in the Europa League qualifies without any problem for the playoffs in the tournament. Tonight, the Andalusians won more than a convincing revenge against Zalgiris with a 5:0 guest and with a total score of 6:0 they eliminated their rival.

The Spaniards started the match in the best way and scored two quick goals. In the 6th minute Pablo Sarabia got the speed in the penalty area, reached the outfield and back to Nolito, who sent the ball into the door. A minute later, Aleix Vidal on the ground found Sarabia at the penalty point and with one touch he directed the ball for the second time in the net for 0:2. At the very end of the first half, Sarabia made the lead of his classical team with a powerful blow from the edge of the pennant. The second half of Sevilla finished their rival with two new goals. In the 80th minute, Guillermo Arana received a corner in the penalty area and with a powerful shot at the close angle of the goal keeper 0:4. Then in the 83rd minute Nolito scored the final by football livescore 0:5, scoring a close pass. So Sevilla will play in the playoffs to enter the group stage, where their opponent will be called Sigma (Olomouc).

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