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How did the 2017 football world soccer picks sweep the World Media World Review?

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2017 year is gone and it is time to take stock of the most interesting thing that happened in the king of sports -;football. World TV TV provides you with a special analysis of the past season not only in the top European championships but also around the world.
It seems like so much time has passed since Real Madrid`s Champions League triumph that the fans have forgotten the great emotions, especially after the unfortunate defeat in El Classico just two days before Christmas. The White Ballet, however, rewrites history with the historic duplication of the most prestigious award in European football. In Europe, Europe also did not lack emotions for one of the biggest Manchester United giants.
There were no big surprises in the top championships, and there were no unexpected champions, perhaps with the exception of Monaco`s fanciest neutral spectators, who charmed everyone with their offensive game analyzed by buy football tips and title in France.
How did the 2017 football come to pass and what implied that it would happen in 2018, see the special festive analysis of the world`s TV media.

Blog for football predictions

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 Game  : Fjolnir - Throttur 
 Kick-off: 23 05 2024, 20:00 
 9 hours and 40 minutes remain 

 Game  : KuPS Akatemia - OLS Oulu 
 Kick-off: 23 05 2024, 17:30 
 7 hours and 10 minutes remain 

 Game  : Utrecht - Sparta Rotterdam 
 Kick-off: 23 05 2024, 21:00 
 10 hours and 40 minutes remain 

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