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Football tipster Two clubs from England in the battle for Gabigol

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Two clubs prediction by contacts with football picks in England are keenly interested in Flamingo striker Gabigol, according to fcinternews. it. The Brazilian, who is owned by Inter, seriously raised his price with his performance last season, in which he scored 31 goals in 38 games and was the hero for his team in the Copa Libertadors final, scoring both goals for success with 2:1 above River Plate. He has now fallen into the grasp of the English Crystal Palace and West Ham, who will take him in their ranks. Flamengo also wants to keep Gabriel Barbosa in the lineup by offering EUR 22 million for the attacker`s rights. However, Inter believe that the price of the player is higher at the moment and have rejected this offer, asking the future buyer at least 30 million euros.

In Inter, they hope to fill the box office with the sale of the 23-year-old talent, so that they can strengthen their lineup with the much-needed Antonio Conte's midfielder. This is the reason why they try to get the highest price possible for the Brazilian.

According to other information, Gabigol is also interested in the German Schalke 04. It will be no surprise if other teams soon turn to his signature line.

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