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Football prediction Alvarez on his solo pass: The ball ricocheted a lot, but it stayed with me and I scored. The goal gave me peace of mind

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Julian Alvarez commented on his beautiful goal in the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup.

The Argentina team defeated the Croatian team (3:0) in the semi-final match.

In the first half, the Manchester City striker made a solo run from midfield and scored after entering the penalty area.

There are a lot of emotions, a lot of thoughts right now. We`re all like crazy. It`s great to see my family, the whole time at the World Championships is incredible. We reached the final advised by football goals video clips - and we wanted this from the very beginning.

I ran, picked up the ball and realized that my teammates were walking across my movement. The ball ricocheted heavily, but stayed with me and, fortunately, I was able to score. This goal gave us peace of mind.

We deserved to be in the final. We are happy. Like the whole country. But we strive for more, " Alvarez said.

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