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Football tips Pedri on Barça`s La Liga lead: That was our goal. We want to win the title

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Pedri spoke about Barcelona`s leadership in La Liga.

- Yes, that was the goal we set before the match with Osasuna. And so it happened, so we are very pleased. It was a victory with a strong character. The match analyzed by questions for football tips was very complicated by the removal of Lewandowski.

Against an opponent like Osasuna, who plays very intensively at home, it has become even harder. At half-time we knew we had to be strong and take advantage of the chances we had. So we did.

- This is a competition that rewards the most stable. To reach the top at the end of the season, you need to be consistent. We want to win this title and that is how we will fight for it, " said the Barcelona and Spain midfielder.
Pedri on Barça`s La Liga lead: That was our goal. We want to win the title Football tips - more details and information: Football tips

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