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Leicester is ahead of Liverpool and Tottenham for a wing from Portugal

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Leicester City is the favorite to win the Zizou wing, which is likely to replace Riyadh in the next transfer period, the English media reported. Zuzu, whose name is Ahmed Sayed, is one of the biggest stars in the Portuguese championship, carrying the Moreirenes team. 22-year-old Egyptian is in Tottenham and Liverpool`s eye, but `foxes` are favorites for his signature in the summer of this year. Zuzu is a former Nacional player, moving to Moreirenze in 2017, and formerly carrying the team of the Belgian Lips.

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 Game: Thor Akureyri - IR Reykjavik 
 Kick-off: 14 08 2018, 20:00 
 Prediction: Thor Akureyri -1.25 
 Result: 5:2 
 Status: WON 

 Game: Bristol City - Plymouth 
 Kick-off: 14 08 2018, 20:45 
 Prediction: Goal/Goal 
 Result: 0:1 
 Status: Lost 

 Game: Yeovil - Aston Villa 
 Kick-off: 14 08 2018, 20:45 
 Prediction: Aston Villa -1 
 Result: 0:1 
 Status: draw 

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